A Decade of Service as a Virtual Assistant

As the saying goes…
Do the things that you love and you will never work a day in your life.

At first, I never thought that there is an actual life in the virtual world. I grew up with a mindset of me – graduating with a degree, then working my ass off from one company to another… then retire at 60.

I actually started working at a young age of 9 as a TV Host in a Children’s variety show. Thus, those were the moments when I thought that working in front of the camera is my fate. Guess I was wrong.

Oh how I love to perform. Unfortunately, performing does not adore me.

So after graduating, I have decided to work in the corporate world instead. I became one of those who work from 8 til 6, six days a week; commuting and rushing back and forth to the four corners of my table.

Until year 2008 came…

After my wedding, I decided that I needed time for myself. I wanted to rest though I thought that it won’t be that long since I or let’s say we (my husband and I) were not financially stable. I needed to work, I needed to earn, but at the back of my mind, I wanted to do something different. Or perhaps, change my career…? I was not actually sure…

But then I stopped working in the corporate world and looked for ways on how I can earn at the comfort of my own home using my slow internet connection and my old desktop computer.

That’s the time when I opened an online store.
Multiply.com days! Yes.

We named it Clickees.
“Clickable Items = Click-ees”

It was a success. The store ran for more than two years. We were even interviewed by GMA 7. Those were the years when online stores are booming. We sell different stuff, from clothes to shoes, to perfumes, and even food! Moreover, it was on 2008 when I also created my online profile so I can do an actual work (with a client) while I am still selling virtually.

However, the online store was more successful than me – being a Virtual Assistant ten years back.

My first online paycheck was actually 25 dollars which I earned from 3 months of working with my first client. It was an adhoc task, yet, I was so thankful for that. That was my first – my first ever online work.

Years passed, and with continuous hardwork and dedication I am now a seasoned Virtual Assistant. Those years of online labor taught me so many things; in work, in life.

Looking back, if I did not follow my heart and my desire to pursue my goal… and actually jumped in – I wouldn’t be at the place where I am now. Perhaps, I am still a corporate employee. Not that it’s a negative thing. Every decent job is good. Its just that there is a huge difference of working offline and online especially here in the Philippines. Thus, during those moments, I have decided that I wanted a big shift; earn on my own terms, pace and space.